Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harvest Party: Times Two

Last Tuesday was the day for Harvest Parties- Riley's preschool in the morning and Abundant Life Church at night. The kids had so much fun at both of them! Rick was able to schedule around parent/teacher conferences in the morning and attend Riley's preschool Harvest Party. They did a cookie walk, had treats, and got a goodie bag. Tyson was extremely excited to play in Riley's classroom and Cooper enjoyed the train table.

Snack time

Fun with homemade play-doh!


Tyson loves the kitchen and the animals in Riley's classroom... he can't wait until next year when he can go to preschool!

Rick was lucky enough to attend the Trailblazers opening home game (which they won!!), an opportunity that came up last minute and happened to be at the same time as the church Harvest Party... no problem- thank goodness for strollers!

The kids were really excited to wear their costumes!

Cooper's Mickey Mouse costume was waiting for him in the Tri-Cities, so he wore his Cole Trickle/Days of Thunder PJ's and went to the Harvest Party as a race car driver! :)

Digging for treasure.

Riley played a little basketball, while daddy watched a little basketball!

And Tyson played on the slide...

Riley and her friend Kaylee

The kids' favorite game at the Harvest Party was the Duck Pond!

And here are a few more photos from Halloween that I hadn't downloaded from the second camera when I posted the other day...

Cassidy, Grandma Diane (my mom), and Riley


A little trick-or-treating...

Cooper's trick-or-treating involved being carried or the stroller...

All lined up in a row... gotta love mini-vans, right?!
Notice the zoned-out faces on Tyson and Riley... DVD player in the van. I have a love/hate relationship with it...

That concludes the Halloween portion of blogging for this year! :)

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Heidi D said...

I'm glad you take lots of pictures. I love looking at all of the fun things your family does. It helps me to remember when Abbey and Lindsay were small.

So, did you get to trick or treat in my mom's neighborhood? Were did you go trick or treating? You did go to the Tri-Cities right?