Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The par-tay!

Well, as much as you can party as a one year-old!

Mickey Mouse for Halloween... why not a Mickey Mouse birthday party, too?

Cooper started his big day with breakfast and his Disneyland bib...

Here comes the birthday boy!

The older kids were too busy enjoying the beautiful day to stop and pose for a family picture with us...

I forgot how boring it can be to watch a one year-old "open" gifts... we could have been there all day! Thank goodness for older siblings to help open gifts. :)

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Cooper, happy birthday to you!

Where's my cake?

Cooper's cake eating was a progressive thing...
Hmm... this feels squishy.

I moved things along a bit by putting some frosting on his lips.

One lick of that chocolate frosting and we were off and running!

I think Cooper enjoyed his cake!

All clean!!

A big thank you to all of my family who helped us celebrate Cooper's birthday. We really enjoyed getting a chance to visit and spend two really special days with everyone. I'm pretty sure I took about 300 pictures throughout the whole weekend!


Heidi D said...

So cute! Happy birthday Cooper. :) It's got me remembering my girls first birthdays now.

Lisa said...

Too Fun! Lindsey would have loved to be at his party. Mickey is her favorite guy. Looks like you made it without any melt downs, too. Yay! Happy Party, Cooper!

Lisa Joy said...

I'm feeling some dejavu over here! We just had Maddie's 3rd birthday party tonight and hers was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too...we even had the same plates, cups and candle. :-)

Brianna said...

Great pics of the party and Halloween festivities! Riley, Tyson, and Cooper are all so cute. Makes me look forward to Cian being old enough to do all that. :)

David said...

i know a certain little person named lorelai who would have loved this Mickey party!