Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am thankful for the down time I am enjoying right now to rest and hopefully I can recover from this cold soon- I've been battling it for over a week. All the kids are asleep and Rick is out working on packing up some of the garage. I am tucked into bed with a book and some chamomile tea (and of course my laptop for about 2 more minutes). I don't expect my tired, achy body to last more than a chapter before I am sound asleep.

The next few weeks will bring many sleep deprived nights, packing, reminiscing about the house, and all the other joys that go along with moving... but for now I am resting.


David said...

You should have titled your post "recooperation" LOL

and i'm 1st! I'm having good luck with this 1st thing this morning.

Heidi D said...

I think I had the same cold. I'm so thankful that it's going away just in time for Thanksgiving. :)

I hope you feel better too.

Lisa said...

Curling up in bed with a book sounds delightful...minus the cold of course.

Take care and feel better soon :)

Lisa said...

I trust you are letting someone else feed you Thanksgiving?