Thursday, December 3, 2009

Letter of Apology

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I have been neglecting you lately, things have been very busy. You see, we're moving to a new house next week and our current house is in a state of chaos as we prepare for the big day. I promise to update more often when things settle down. Just think of all the exciting updates you'll get as we decorate the new house- you'll be a busy blog!

Thank you for understanding!

The garage no longer holds cars... so sad considering how cold it's been. I miss getting into a semi-warm car.

All the fragile items (dishes, mirrors, etc.) that I will be transporting in the van rather than a moving truck.

And rooms are beginning to look like this. Weird.

We sign paperwork on Friday at the title company and the expected day we'll get the keys is on Wednesday, the 9th. So exciting!


Alaskiana said...

Hang in there! Only a few more weeks to go! A new house...what a great christmas present!

David said...

did you blog accept your apology? lol

David said...

oh yeah, amazing race.

i cannot stand the brothers! always arguing. every other second, the one is always saying 'shut up dan! dan, Shut UP!' LOL

and then at the end they say how disappointed they are in themselves for their treatment of each other, and then the next leg they're right back at it!

and they are so duplicitous! they take that couple's cab, then tell some other couple not to take Their cab!

and how he stabbed the globetrotter in the back last sunday at the kafka roadblock!

just a horrible team. but that's what makes the show great, having teams to root for and against!

there's only been one season i think that the team i loathed actually won, and that was the totally annoying and bratty freddy and kendra from season 6.

Usually the team i hate comes in 2nd or 3rd.

the amazing race website used to let you rate your favorite and least favorite teams. that was a lot of fun but i don't think they do it anymore.

Lisa Joy said...

Ahh, the matching moving boxes and meticulous Post-It I detecting some of Rick's handiwork? I bet he has an Excel spreadsheet synched with his iPhone to track each item as it's packed, moved and unpacked! HA! :-) (Hey, I'm not poking one organizer to another, I'm in awe!)

Heidi D said...

My comment box forgives you too. :)

I'm really happy for you and I can't wait to see all the pictures.

When did you do the follow up to the stewardess questions? Which month? I want to read it. I can't believe I missed it.