Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The newest Mrs. Thames

This past Saturday, our nephew Michael married an amazing woman, Sarah!

Riley served as a flower girl and Tyson was the ring bearer, they're getting to be pros at it!

Cooper just got to look handsome-- something he does pretty well.
I have ZERO pictures from the ceremony, which I missed 90% of because of loud kids, but there
are plenty from the reception. It was so fun!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thames, being announced at the reception.
Riley loved her dress and was happy to pose for several pictures...
She also twirled and twirled and twirled, loving every minute of it! She was great entertainment!
Cooper played peek-a-boo to occupy this time!
I love my husband!
Brother-in-law, Randy and sister-in-law, Debbie.
The kids got small gifts from Michael and Sarah. Tyson got a Cars toy, which he enjoyed playing with all over the dance floor.
Riley got a princess dress-up kit with gloves, a purse, necklace and Sleeping Beauty Polly Pocket.
Cooper got some play keys, but I didn't get a picture of those...
Newlyweds, Jamie and Aren!
Riley and aunt Debbie
The boys found the speaker very fascinating!
And Tyson had LOTS of cake... like 2 or 3 pieces. Yikes!
The first dance.
Nothing like two little flower girls dancing together... the other little girl's parents were smart and brought a change of clothes.
Riley was too busy dancing to be a part of our "family" picture.
Sarah and Cooper
The kids were exhausted by the time we set out for home- they had so much fun dancing!
One of about 20 pictures I have of Riley really cutting a rug- she's good!
And a part of the conga line! I think she would have danced all night if possible!
Welcome to the family Sarah- we are lucky to have you!


David said...

am i imagining things, or does it seem like you're always going to weddings?

Lisa said...

Everyone looks great! That was pretty smart of you to bring the smock for Tyson to eat cake with! While smart, I think that other girl's family should have brought a change of clothes a little more fancy than a pair of jeans, though. Like a play dress. Oh well. =P

Jill Hoffmaster said...

All of your kids are precious and off the chart cute, but I must say that miss Riley is gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Oh, I didn't give Lindsey the oreo. The family we were eating with was having a birthday and they brought a cake. But their daughter with allergies and our daughter with alleriges can't have the cake so they brought oreos for them. I couldn't say no, I thought it would be rude. But it sure was fun!