Friday, December 4, 2009

Mr. Get-out-of-bed: Part 2

This is how Tyson fell asleep last night...

On the floor, in the hallway, blanket over his head, with a clear shot of Rick and I on the couch downstairs watching the Civil War game.
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Bedtime with Tyson is not our favorite thing, so we are looking forward to him having his own room very, very soon. If you look closely in the picture, Tyson had a run-in with a Duplo Lego earlier in the evening and didn't come away too well. He was excited daddy was home from work, lost his footing and fell, face first into the Lego. We were going to have family pictures taken tomorrow morning, but I think we have a great reason to postpone until after the holidays! I also hope it doesn't leave a big scar, it didn't look deep enough for stitches, but you never know. Poor guy!


Heidi D said...

Are you sure that's not a picture of my Lindsay? ; )

Lindsay will often be somewhere other than her bed.

I think the blanket over his head is really quite precious. Such a sweetheart.

Heidi D said...

Oh, I left you a comment on your Q&A post.

I still just don't know how I missed it.

Lisa said...

No stiches. It might leave the faintest of scars but as at teen it'll be hot! (imagnie those days!) The lip requires stiches when the break in skin crosses the border between pink and white - called the vermillion border. =) To improve the scar, put neospoirin or something like that on it now and sunscreen on it after it's healed. ~Nurse Lisa