Monday, December 14, 2009

Letters to Santa

Yesterday, we had Riley, Cassidy and Tyson sit down and "write" letters to Santa. They each picked one thing to ask for and I wrote a small sentence for them, then they filled in the rest.

Cassidy asked for the Twilight Bella Barbie

Riley asked for a baby My Little Pony with a bottle.

Tyson asked for a scary dinosaur and monster... nice.

Since Cooper didn't take part in the letter writing (although I'm sure he would have asked for more Duplo Legos), I thought I would include a photo of him...
Last night he fell asleep right in the middle of his dinner. Rick and I even tried to wake him up, but he was OUT. So, he got a little 20 minute power nap! :)

We are slowly getting settled into the house, I'll post more on the house later!


David said...


who is cassidy?

Brooke said...

David, Cassidy is our niece. She was here for the weekend while my sister and mom decorated our house.

Lisa said...

Tell Tyson he should ask for something that teaches him the difference between "ask for ONE thing" and "dinosaur AND monster." =)

Too cute. I'm glad they have fun. Will they mail the letters or take them to the big guy himself?