Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthdays- Dora and Diego style!

The curse of Riley and Tyson having birthdays two days apart- joint party! :)

They both love watching Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!, making a party theme easy to coordinate.

Riley's Dora balloons

Tyson's Diego balloons

Decorations and food

The cake and cupcakes!

"Happy birthday to you..."

"...happy birthday to you."
(Tyson does that little awkward smile when he's nervous!)

Dig in!

Some of their guests:

Rebecca and baby Ella

Cousin/niece Cassidy

Riley with "new best friend", Destiny

Hayden, enjoying his cupcake!

Tyson, with grandpa

My aunt Terri, second cousin Jordyn, and my mom (grandma)

Second cousin, Jordyn, looking adorable in her little coat!

Cooper was quite the ladies man:
With Halzie
and with Ella

All the cousins

Ready for presents!

Riley got lots of new Barbies, clothes, books and other fun toys!

Tyson opened some great animal presents, trucks, a Diego Rescue Pack and Jeep and clothes.

And from mom and dad, Tyson got a train table (that we got for free!!) and a new train set to go with it!

Riley got a new kitchen set to play with (red and white to match the bonus/playroom decor') and tea set!

It was a wonderful day!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to both of them! I wonder how long you'll be able to keep up those joint parties..? And whoo-hoo for the easy Dora & Diego theme!

(We got our train table for $25 at a consignment sale. It ridiculous to know people pay full price for those things.)

That and the kitchen will be fun for them both for years to come.


Diane Wicks said...

We were so glad to be there to share in the joint birthday party for Riley and Tyson. Yummy food and great company! It was so much fun to meet your friends and reconnect with the Thames' and our family members. Your new house is definitely made for entertaining! Love, Proud Grandma and Grandpa