Monday, February 15, 2010


Riley has been learning write her name at preschool and lately Sarah has been working on it with her at home, too. Outside of having her help me write her name on all the birthday Thank You cards, I have done nothing to work with her except buy her a couple of books to work on writing letters. So, Rick and I were pretty excited on Saturday morning when she was making a Valentine's card for her newest friend, baby Ella, and she wrote her own name on the card! I don't think I had any idea how close she was to doing it on her own- sad, I know (but that is a whole other blog post).

The original Valentine's card went home with Ella on Saturday, so these are ones she wrote on Saturday night to show grandma and grandpa. We are so proud of her!
Notice the "Y" in front of the "R"- she does that sometimes when she thinks there isn't enough room for it at the end. :)

For months now, we've been working on the phonetic alphabet with the kids, too. They love the Leap Frog videos with Tad, especially Letter Factory which has a cute little song to learn the letters phonetically. We sing the song often and I love it when the kids ask us what letter a certain word starts with. We're able to give them the beginning sound and they can figure it out! It's a great way to pass time while we're in the car.

On a different note, Tyson reached a pretty HUGE milestone this past week, too- he's almost 100% daytime potty trained!! Again, we can't take all the credit on this one considering Rick and I aren't with him during the day, 5 days a week- so a huge thank you to Sarah who has been great about working with him during the week. We aren't without the occasional accident, especially while out running errands all day, but he's even gotten better about that this weekend. Unfortunately I don't have a cute picture of Tyson in his Cars underwear to post, but it's quite a sight!

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The Manlupig Mob said...

i was going to say i took a pic of him in his rubber boots and his cars underware, but i think he was naked! lol