Sunday, February 14, 2010

Test run

We took advantage of the warm(er) weather last Sunday, letting the kids strap on their new bike helmets and pads (thanks grandma and grandpa!) and ride around the garage a little bit. We/I learned a few things:

1- The kids look really cute in safety gear.

2- Tyson isn't quite ready to ride his big cars bike, maybe by summer after more garage practicing! He was much happier running around or riding their old Radio Flyer tricycle.

3- Rick has much more patience than I do when it comes to pretty much everything. Now we can add "teaching the kids to ride bikes" to the list.

Riley is definitely ready for some practice at the park, with more space to ride and no truck needed to block off the steep driveway!

With the mild winter weather we've had and the forecast of dry, nearly 60 degree weather possible by Friday, I am SO ready for spring! (Even if my body and wardrobe are not.)

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