Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catching up...

Man, have I been a SLACKER at blogging lately! We have been leading a crazy-hectic life around here and blogging has taken a huge back-burner to other things. That, and my laptop's hard drive went out and the DVR in the office hasn't been working, so sitting down to blog with no TV to catch up on in the background has made it less appealing. Sad, right?! The office DVR is still not working, and my laptop is fixed but has no pictures on it yet, so I'm sucking it up and blogging in complete silence in the office. (Not complete silence, I can hear Rick feeding the kids dinner- so nice of him to give me this time!) So, here is my best attempt at catching up for the last 3 1/2 weeks since my post about Tyson's birthday...

We had a big birthday weekend over February 12 and 13th. The night of the 12th, we had all the family over, including my mom, Jim, and Cassidy from the Tri-Cities, and we had tacos, cake, and the kids were spoiled with presents. :)

On the 13th, we rented out JJ Jump (an indoor bounce house arena) for a private party for a little over 2 hours. We invited Riley and Tyson's friends from preschool, plus from of our family friends, about 30 kids and 15-20 adults in all. The kids played, jumped, and generally wore themselves out for about an hour, then we stuffed their faces with pizza, juice, and cake! I was surprised at how not hectic the party felt! The kids were spread out playing (it's a pretty big place for 30 kids), and then they were all so hungry that they sat nicely at the tables and ate... it was so nice! Here are only a few pictures from the day- the camera was resting while we enjoyed watching the kids play and talked with some of the preschool parents.

Riley and Cooper before the party- Riley LOVED the new dress she got from Grandma and Grandpa! Isn't it cute? :)

The kids got to try and win money and prizes- Riley kept catching things and letting them go, she didn't quite get it. Tyson got a dollar and he was pretty excited!

The party guests!

And the cakes... Riley's party theme was actually Barbie, but got a Costco princess cake. Tyson's party was Transformers, and got dinosaur balloons and cake. :)

It was a wonderful weekend with friends and family! Even though the kids were once again cursed with the dreaded joint parties (and will be for years), I think they both felt really special and loved!

Paul Frank jammies have made their way to our house, courtesy of Aunt Robyn! The kids now have favorite jammies, the best part is hearing Cooper call them his "Ooh, ooh, aah, aah's"!

Moving on from the kids, I have seen a big change in the past few weeks as far as my schedule goes. I was offered a six week long-term substitute teaching position that started on February 17th, at the school I student taught at last year. It's in a fourth grade classroom, and so far it has been an adventure! I'm enjoying being home every night, but a part of me misses flying just a little bit. What's funny is, about 2 months before being offered the position, Rick and I had decided that financially it would be best to put flying first in my schedule, then sub only to fill in the days off. Then this dropped into my lap and I was more than happy to shift thinking again to focus more on teaching. It's been a wonderful learning experience already- I even had my first parent phone call on Friday and I have my first parent meeting tomorrow. Fun times. :)

I have also really been enjoying my job as a Jeweler with Premier Designs. Just this past Friday, I complete what is called a Quick Start with the company- holding 6-9 Home Shows in your first 60 days as a Jeweler. I completed 9, so I'm getting a $300 bonus to put towards jewelry to have on my table to show. I've also been Top Seller in my little Premier family for both January and February, which is fun! I'm sure things will quiet down now that my Quick Start is completed, but I'm looking forward to seeing where my path with Premier takes me!

That's enough for now... I have MUCH more to share, including a little fashion show from Riley, fun with scooters, and pictures from our anniversary getaway to The Viewpoint Inn this weekend. Stay tuned!


Michelle said...

Thanks for catching us up. I am glad to hear you are enjoying the teaching. I miss it but have to work at this job to pay the bills!


Heidi D said...

You have been busy!

I'm totally wanting a kid party for my birthday this year. My girls aren't interested in having them anymore. I may even get myself a bounce house. :)

Diane said...

Cute pictures! Glad you finally had time to blog again.