Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One of those days...

I'm about halfway done with my long-term sub position in 4th grade. I have to admit it has been at times very challenging, but certainly educational (for me, and hopefully for them). In the class, I have the only student in the whole school on a behavior contract, a girl who bullies anyone you seat near her, and several Chatty Cathy's. Most days I am exhausted by the time school ends at 2:45pm. The teacher I'm subbing for came to visit a couple of days ago (she had surgery and is home recovering), and she even said she didn't realize how exhausting the class was until she's been away from them for a couple of weeks. I will always appreciate this experience and all the tools I am acquiring on conflict resolution! :)

Now turning to our own kids...

Tyson has been struggling with some angry outbursts at preschool, including kicking some chairs last week and screaming. He spent some time in the office this afternoon at preschool because he had a bit of a meltdown. Awesome.

Cooper has two of the most random teeth coming in... as in the two bottom teeth on either side of his middle bottom teeth. The kind most kids get in before their first birthdays. He's almost 2 1/2. AND he has all the other teeth in his mouth already, so those silly teeth are trying cram their way in between some pretty well-established teeth. As a result, he's a total grumpster- which has not gone unnoticed at preschool either. Awesome.

Then there's Riley... usually glowing reviews from her days at preschool. Until today. Riley's teacher caught Rick and I before we entered the building this evening to let us know that Riley has been kissing a few of the boys at preschool. On the mouth. Often. Awesome.

So, after my exhausting day at school dealing with other people's kiddos and a week of my first parent conference, phone call, letter, and email (all for different kids), I got to hear all about how my own kids are creating issues for their teachers. It was all I could to not burst into tears before even leaving the preschool building tonight.

Tyson went to bed early tonight.

Cooper sat in more time-outs this evening then he has in the past month (at least it felt that way), and he's taken to flopping on the floor in a drama-filled fits.

Riley lost her doll house, her new flashlight, and Princess (her beloved stuffed bunny, and her best friend).

When we sat Riley down to talk about why those things were taken away and what her teacher had talked to us about, she said "For kissing at school." Honestly, I had a to walk out of the room because I started giggling. And her reason for kissing them? "Because I love them." We then talked about other ways she could show love towards her friends at school. She came up with making pictures for them, and making them necklaces and bracelets. We also let her know she could be polite to them, share, and just play with them. I guess the bright side is, she "got in trouble" at school for showing too much love. We were more disappointed to hear that her teacher had talked to her about it a few times already and she continued with the behavior. Hopefully our talk will help.

I don't want another day like today for a while. I'm hoping for a positive day in the classroom tomorrow, and for good reports from preschool. I think my nerves need it. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Jamie said...

Happy Wednesday, Brooke! Hope today was better!

Joshua C said...

"Tomorrow is another day."


"This, too, shall pass."


Heidi D said...

Oh,Riley is just so sweet, "Because I love them." (smile)

I know you're stressed out, but it makes me feel a little bit better that I'm not the only one that feels that way too. :)

After days like that I dream of a nice cocktail...and then sometimes I have one. Ahhh.

Michelle said...

Well, what a challenge you have with your kids...its never ending, isn't it?

There is only one kid in that whole school on a behavior contract? ! Wow! That is amazing...but sorry to hear she is in your class. What a great experience you are having being in that classroom for so long! I am sure though that you will be looking forward to flying soon! :o)

Take care and thanks for blogging. I enjoy reading them.


Diane said...

Well, I read this outloud to Jim and we just cracked up! Sounds like a week I had with you three after leaving you with grandma and grandpa for 6 days to go to Hawaii. Anyway, hang in there, and remember that someday, faster than you think, your kids will be blogging (or whatever is the communication device of the time) about how their kids (your precious grandchildren) are driving them crazy and you will simply smile in the knowledge that the circle is complete.