Monday, March 14, 2011

Riley has become quite the fashionista.

She loves to dress herself and would choose to wear a skirt and/or dress every single day if we'd let her.

She also loves to have her picture taken. :)

So, when Riley had her little kissing incident at preschool (if you're not familiar with this, you should read my previous post), Rick had a great idea. Wearing skirts was taken away from Riley, as a "punishment". At least for a little while. Which is really funny, because that is complete opposite from me! I actually wore a skirt to school last week, and Riley was pretty proud of me. :)

She also got her hair cut a couple of weeks ago. We were considering cutting it up to her shoulders, but we'll save that for the spring/early summer. (Yes, I'm being way too sentimental about her hair.) A woman at the salon braided her hair and she was pretty excited about it!
(I got my haircut, too.)

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Lisa said...

Funny. Nat has been asking to have her hair cut too. We're going tomorrow. She wanted it cut "to her neck" so we compromised on cutting it to her shoulders. I, too, would keep it long, but the girl(s) is(are) old enough to know what she wants!