Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun with scooters

With a (rare) break in the rain, we were able to head outside to the back patio a couple of weekends ago and enjoy the scooters that Grandma Gayle and Papa got the kids for their birthdays.

The kids keep asking when the rain will stop and we can go outside again.

I wonder the same thing.

I love the green in Oregon. Don't love the rain so much. Which makes it so green. Oh well.


Heidi D said...

I tell you though, I'd rather have rain than all of the snow people are getting. It was 63 out yesterday, so nice.

Love Riley's outfit btw.

Lisa said...

I love Riley's outfit here. =)

Gramma Gayle & Papa said...

Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures of the kids with their new scooters. I hope they are having fun. They are so cute!Will wish for sunny days for them. xxooo