Thursday, April 24, 2008

For fans of "Lost"

For any of you who watch "Lost", it is coming back tonight with a new episode after a little break. While my sister was living in Hawaii, she became friends with a woman named Ann who has a daughter about 8 months old or so. Ann and her daughter, Sabrina, were hanging out on a beach on Oahu one day and were approached by a casting agent for "Lost" about their daughter playing the baby Aaron on the show. If you know how the show works, time moves very slowly in the plot (I think only 30+ days have passed since the show began) and they are constantly having to recast babies so Aaron stays young- he was born on the island and already looks WAY bigger than a one-month old on the show, but I guess that's television! Apparently they keep two babies on set at a time in case one is tired or fussy and they use whichever one will handle the particular scene well. So, Sabrina will be in tonights episode playing Aaron and I believe next week too. The other baby on set was named Oscar and he may be in some of the scenes too. They filmed back in mid-March on a sound stage for some of it, then in a jungle, and finally on a North Shore beach. So fun!

I just thought this was the coolest story and had to share. It seems so crazy that they were just approached on the beach and now their daughter is going to be on one of the most popular shows out there! Robyn passed along some pictures of Sabrina with the actors who play Sawyer, Hurley, Claire (Aaron's mom), and Kate and it sounds like they were all very kind and welcoming. They also talked to the actors who play Locke and Ben. I think it will be so fun watching with this six-degrees of separation-type connection!

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John, Amy & Tristan Hardesty said...

eriously, that is sooo stinking cool! We are obsessed with LOST! That is really neat.