Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WARNING: This post contains a potty story. Read with caution!

If you don't like reading stories about other children's pooping, you should probably stop reading this particular post. :)

Today the kids had peanut butter and jelly for lunch and a huge portion of it ended up in their hair and on their faces. The brilliant mom that I am, I decided to give the kids a bath rather than hose them off in the sink before nap time. Well, our children go #2 like clockwork after they eat, usually within a half an hour or so. Perfect timing...

I must note that Rick and I usually do bath time together or he does it on his own, so this was going to be a challenge getting them out, diapered, and dressed in a timely manner anyhow. I decided to dry and diaper Riley first, then let her play while I got Tyson diapered and dressed. Well, before I could get Riley's diaper on, I noticed a little surprise in the tub courtesy of Tyson. I rushed to clean it up and get Tyson out and ready, while leaving Riley to run around still not wearing her diaper... you can see where I'm going with this, right?

Just as I got Tyson all lotioned up, Riley started saying, "Riley pooh-pooh too" and making those funny faces- standing in her room over the carpet. Sure enough, Riley pooh-pooh too! I grabbed her across my arms with her butt in the air and got to the toilet just in time! Crisis diverted! All I could do was laugh at myself, having one of those crazy parenting moments! :) I think this will be the last mid-day impromptu baths I'll be giving the kids for a while. What's really funny is, all I could think was- sweet, we saved two diapers today!

So, that was my big fun for today!


Kathleen said...

That is awesome! These are the moments you want to remember in twenty years. It makes you keep things into perspective. Sounds like it could have been an even bigger mess, so way to go!!

Babyfro said...

Haha Brooke! I can't wait until Christopher is predictable with his timing. We haven't had the poo in the bathtub experience yet. My niece has done it, she wouldn't take a bath for months afterward, her own poo scared her so bad. Poop makes for funny stories thats for sure.

Lisa said...

I love it! I, too, have thought "one less diaper used!" following a naked time accident! =)