Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I can't like it!"

One year after Thanksgiving, when my sister was young, and after a few leftover meals containing turkey, she asked my mom what we were having for our next meal. When my mom mentioned the word turkey in whatever creative meal she was making, my sister replied "Turkey! I can't like it!" This has become a favorite story for my mom to tell over the years, so when I first heard Riley say it, I couldn't help but laugh a little... This has now become her new favorite phrase, just in the last few days.

* While cleaning the playroom a couple of nights ago just before bed, I decided it was my turn to watch something on TV, although Riley kept asking to watch "Little Einsteins". I had on the recent episode of Jeopardy!, and Riley was saying, "Mommy, you turn it off. I can't like it. I want to watch Einsteins." Even with the catchy "Do, do, do, do..." music playing, something she used to dance to, she was saying "Mommy, I can't like it!" Well, I can't like watching the same 5 or 6 episodes of Einsteins over and over and over again either. :)

* We took the kids to Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner last night. Rick had some broccoli as a side dish and Riley couldn't help but reach over to try and snag some. She shoved a pretty big piece in her mouth and started chewing and I was actually impressed she was eating it... until the look on her face changed a little and she started trying to spit it out into her hand. With a mouthful of half chewed broccoli, she was mumbling "I can't like it!"

* This morning, after being put in a time-out, she of course had to let us know that "I can't like it in time-out!" Well, who does? Isn't that the point?

There have been a few more uses, but these are the highlights... It might get old, but for now it's pretty cute!

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