Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scenic view?

Doesn't it look like they are just waiting for someone or something to show up at the front door? Riley decided this was the perfect place to hang out yesterday, chillin' in front of the window with a great little foot rest! She eventually moved a pile of books over there and used the ledge to hold her milk and animal cracker snack. Whenever Tyson would get bored with sitting there with her and play somewhere else in the room, she would yell out, "Tyson, come back here and sit with me!" It was so cute! After I snapped this first picture, without even turning around, she said "Mommy, you taking a picture of my couch?" Then they both turned around and gave me a chorus of "Cheese"!

A few other random things:
*I have become a huge fan of the Playhouse Disney morning line-up lately- something I should be very ashamed of... but at least it gives me a chance to get a few chores done around the house in the morning while I still have the energy. Yesterday I was able to put the finishing touches on my homework while the kids enjoyed a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny.

*I'm pretty sure the dryer is shrinking all of my shirts- I'm having a tough time finding one that still fits over my belly completely now that the baby has dropped...

*I think I'm going to really enjoy the classroom discussions for my Master's program, last night's class was so much fun! (well, not the sitting for 4 hours part) However, I am having a really, really hard time finding the motivation and energy to do the actual homework. It was tough spending several hours on a Saturday away from precious family time, just to read and highlight 4 chapters in my textbook... And I am SO grateful to have Rick to talk to at home about what is really relevant in the classroom today- he's going to be my greatest resource and motivator through this process!

* I still can't believe how vital the morning dates have become in staying connected with Rick during this somewhat hectic time in our lives. I know I dedicated a whole post to this already, but I am so excited that we made this weekly commitment and are sticking to it. We seriously have the best, uninterrupted conversations of the week during that hour between 6 and 7am... and it's a great excuse for a Starbucks beginning to the day. Today, I finally tried the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin... oh... my... goodness... YUMMY! :)

* A friend I met through a mutual friend and in the blogging world (she lives in Atlanta), who was also pregnant, had her beautiful baby girl last week... making me even more excited to finally meet our little one soon! In some ways I still can't believe it's so close and I don't think I can fully wrap my head around how much our lives are going to change very soon. Yesterday, the kids were taking turns patting and kissing my belly and talking to the baby. Tyson basically just says "Baby", but Riley was saying, "Hi baby, I can't wait to meet you". Enough to make my heart melt... I just hope they are just as excited when we actually bring the baby home- forever! :)

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Maggie said...

Don't you just love the silly things your kids do and say! So fun! Don't feel bad about a little tv time. I have decided that as long as my tv isn't on all day long than them watching a couple of shows while I do things like take a shower is a-o-k. I am pretty sure my drier is shrinking my clothes too.