Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Snapshots

Today we had a low key day at home, preparing for the extremely cold weather we are expected to have over the next several days. The kids played with Play-doh, we watched some T.V., and Riley and I made some yummy cookies!

All set to make our chocolate chip cookies!
She handled the hand mixer like a pro!
There's nothing like a little storytime before bed... The Going To Bed Book is always a hit!
Cooper had a good day too... hanging out, eating a lot, and working on perfecting his smiles- something we've been trying really hard to catch on camera. We got a half one here...


Babyfro said...

Wow, you are just a really good looking family. Thank you for sharing!!! :-)

Jill Hoffmaster said...

Cooper looks exactly like you Brooke!...especially in that last picture!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! I have to say Cooper is looking exactly like Riley.

Lisa said...

I don't know who Cooper looks like now, but is definitely a than a Thames! =)

Should I even tell you it was 71 degrees here today and muggy as heck? I think I'd rather be snowed in. When I start sweating walking from the mall to the car, it's not exactly the kind of thing to get me in the Christmas spirit.