Sunday, December 7, 2008


Every year at Christmas, the Oregon Zoo puts on an incredible light display all over the zoo called ZooLights. Last night was a dry, mid-40's evening here in Portland- perfect for going to see the lights! We got the kids all bundled up and had fun walking around with the big crowds. Thanks Rick for the great family outing idea!

Luckily, last year's winter gloves and hats still fit for our impromptu zoo trip!
The next couple of pictures are my attempt to capture just how cool the zoo looks in real life with all the lights, but obviously I didn't do a great job. Hopefully, you get the idea! This first one is from a landing, looking down onto the lower level of the zoo.
This next one is the open lawn near the stage, where they hold concerts during the summer. I hope we get a chance to enjoy a concert at the zoo sometime too!
I loved this elephant and how it's "spraying" water!
We got this family shot in front of the lawn.
Cooper slept through the whole thing while riding in the Baby Bjorn. Rick's timing was perfect taking the picture, catching the "Zoo" sign in lights just beside my head!
We had a great time enjoying the zoo in a new and interesting way. It was all fun... until the car ride home, when I got the following picture...
We had to listen to a minor meltdown in the back of the car, including crying and a broken record of "I am berry tired. I am berry tired." We actually believed her! :)
I can't wait until ZooLights 2009!!


MSB said...

That's awesome! I need to find something like that around here... but, it just seems as if the south does not do Christmas as big as we do up north!

Florence said...

My favorite was the elephant too!