Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowy Days

It has been a week of crazy weather around here... freezing temps, snow, rain, canceled and delayed school. It started with snow and frigid weather on Sunday and Rick got a call at 4pm saying school was canceled for Monday. It was just too darn cold and windy to go out play in it (yes, we're big wimps!), but it sure looked pretty from the window! Tuesday morning, school was on a 2-hour delay for Rick and my class that night was not canceled... total bummer because Warner's night classes were canceled Monday, Wednesday, and tonight, so we were the only night that had to go!

A big part of the "Arctic Blast" storm, as they are calling it on the news, was suppose to hit yesterday morning, so I stopped at Safeway on the way home from class on Tuesday to stock up on some things, you know, bread, milk, eggs... hmmm, no eggs to be found, only 5 gallons of fat-free milk left, and very little bread on the shelf. Apparently everyone else had the same idea and the store was crazy busy and running out of stuff left and right... at 9:30pm! The call came Wednesday morning that Rick's school district had been canceled for the day, but teachers were still required to report as usual... what?!? So, Rick was off to work again- poor guy! He made a stop at Safeway first for a much needed Starbucks run and was able to get the eggs and milk- they had gotten an overnight delivery. Luckily, the teachers were able to leave the school around noon and didn't have to sit around the school ALL day without students... only half the day!

Rick's district was among the non-canceled today and the roads were looking pretty good. I was all set to venture out with the kids for the first time in almost a week (yep the kids have been homebound for too long!!)... and then the snow started up again. The pretty, big-flaked, wet snow that is fun to play in... so, I bundled up the kids and finally gave them a chance to play in the snow! They had a great time- I only wish Rick had been home to join in on the fun!
All set to play in the snow!
A shot of Cooper in the comfort of the warm house, taken through the sliding glass door.
Riley checking on Cooper through the window!
Tyson had fun making footprints all around the yard... although he didn't like it much when he fell on his bottom and realized how cold and wet it was!
Riley trying to catch some snowflakes in her mouth.
I just love these kids so much...


Babyfro said...

Oh Brooke, you make beautiful babies. How cute. The weather has been crazy the last few days that for sure. It even snowed in Vegas I guess.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the puppy as soon as I can. We're very excited! The house is quite full at the moment as we have my golden retriever inside as well right now, it's just too cold outside for her.

Lisa said...

The snow is beautiful! And I know the kids had fun in it. I'll be sure to show Natalie the pictures tomorrow. About 3 weeks ago we had flurries for a day, and by the time we got all bundled up to go out in it, it had stopped. Maybe you could send just a little over our way?

And what's with Rick having to go to school if the kids don't? I mean either the roads are safe or they aren't. At least it was only half a day.