Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow drifts

We are officially snowed/iced in here in Gresham, but after watching how many people are stranded in the airport, Amtrak station, and hotels, I'm thankful to be in the warmth of our own home! I'm also thankful we haven't lost power, which I know many people in the Portland area have. Interstate 84 is closed between Troutdale and Hood River, so right now our visit to the Tri-Cities is definitely in limbo. They say when the winds settle down and visibility gets better, it will re-open, so we could still make it there in time to celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve.

Here are a few fun pictures of the snow drifts around our house after the crazy amounts of snow and ice we got yesterday and overnight.

This was the view outside our front door last night. A wall of snow had accumulated against the front door, you can actually see where the door panes were. You can also see a little snow blowing up the snow- the wind was CRAZY!!!
This is the mountain range of snow on our front walkway.
It's a little harder to see in the picture, but all the tree branches were covered in ice this morning after a night of freezing rain. With the wind still gusting, the trees are making a fun crackling sound when the icy branches rub against eachother.
The snow is high enough to reach the bottom of the branches or our lace-leaf maple and the arborvitaes.


Brianna said...

Isn't this weather crazy? If it lets up and you make it over here it would be great to see you! Love the new pictures of the kiddos, they are so cute!

Lisa Joy said...

It's fun to see the pics of all the snow and ice...from a distance! I love the *idea* of snow and going out in it to play...but if I actually have to drive anywhere in it, I just about have a panic attack. But the view from inside a warm house is lovely! :-)

Seems like Portland got all the crazy weather this time--I expected it here in Ohio during our visit, but the ground is dry! It's a frigid 7 degrees, but no snow or ice. Yipee! Hopefully all the craziness at home will pass before we have to head home after Christmas.