Friday, April 17, 2009

Bath time fun

The kids love baths. Tyson actually freaks out a little bit after the water all drains, I think he would live in the bathtub if he could. Lately they have been pretending to be water monsters, complete with "fee fi fo fum", feet stomping, and a big "ROAR". I got some cute video of it all a couple of days ago, but it ended up being not quite blog appropriate after some standing up to stomp. :)

I took these today in the bath instead...

This is Tyson in mid-ROAR!

Riley being her cute self.

Cooper waiting for his turn.

I love these faces!


MSB said...

Too cute... I look at your blog and know I could handle 3 kids... you make it look so fun!

Sarah said...

is that the infamous bumbo seat? can they not crawl out of it or something?