Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez

This weekend, the Thames family added a new member to our family and we couldn't be more thrilled! Our niece, Jamie, was married to Aren Gonzalez in a beautiful ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Riley and Tyson, along with Aren's niece and nephew, were asked to be flower girl and ring bearer. They were so cute! Here is a complete overload of photos from the occasion...

The bride and groom, Aren and Jamie
Riley, getting help primping from Aunt Debbie and Cousin Melissa.
The finished product: One super-cute flower girl!
She was so excited to wear her pretty purple dress and twirl in it.
I was pretty grateful for the church nursery, it's where Tyson and I hung out for the wedding. After he made it down the aisle, we had to leave the church to avoid disrupting the ceremony. I was pretty bummed to have missed the entire thing!
A little pre-wedding time with the bride, Cousin Jamie.
We are getting a little better at the family photos... only took about 9 tries this time!
Two of the handsome men in my life.
Another Thames family: David, Debbie, Randy, and Melissa
I just love this photo... she looks so sweet!
Cooper in his pin-striped suit
As soon as we got to the reception, Riley crashed!
Being a flower girl is exhausting work, but she was not letting go of that basket!
Soon-to-be Cousin Sarah and Cooper
The candle lighters, cousins Emma and Melissa.
They were smart and changed into comfy shoes for the reception!
David spending his time at the reception texting... but, he did choose a pale purple shirt to coordinate with the wedding colors!
Father and daughter dancing, Rick's brother Tim and Jamie.
Aren and his new mother-in-law, Debbie, sharing a dance.
Cooper, cutting a rug at the reception.
Tyson was pretty upset to be strapped in the stroller for most of the reception. There were several doors to the outside that he kept making a run for, so this was the alternative...
One of the things I do best...
Michael and Sarah are getting married in December- aren't they cute!
Randy and Debbie, Rick's brother and sister-in-law.
Rick and Tim
Daddy and daughter dancing, doesn't she look excited?!
It takes our sweet girl some time to wake up!
Tyson was pretty thrilled to be dancing with Mommy, too.
Mommy and Cooper
Daddy and Tyson- bubbles!
All I wanted was a photo with my girl and she wanted NOTHING to do with it!
Riley and Cousin Michael
FINALLY... after the ceremony, reception, and 25 minutes of the 30 minute drive home, Tyson fell asleep, just in time to pull into the driveway!
Our handsome little ring bearer.

It was a great day! Thanks for sticking with it and looking at all the photos. I warned you it would excessive! I didn't want to leave anyone or anything out... although, this is only a fraction of the 160+ photos taken throughout the day!

Congratulations, Aren and Jamie!!


Lisa Joy said...

Everybody looks so great! The kids are adorable in their "dress up" outfits! :-)

Okay, with Jamie and Michael both getting married, I'm feeling super OLD all of a sudden...aren't they both still teenagers??

David said...

my favorite part about weddings is all the good food!