Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our ball of energy

Our nanny, Sarah, left a note last week with a cute "conversation" she had with Tyson:

Tyson: "I need talk you sompething. I need talk you Sarah. I need tissue. I not crying."
Then came back with the tissue and said: "I need give that back!"

I realize it may not sound spectacular, but then I remember that Tyson only turned 2 a couple of months ago... he amazes us everyday with how well he is able to communicate, this is just one example of the things he says. He cracks us up!

Also, do you think it's a bad sign that people are starting to describe Tyson as having lots of "energy"? I'm pretty sure it's just a polite way of saying, "You're kid is a wild child!" You should have seen the relief on the woman's face this morning when we came to pick him up from the church toddler room!

Here is our big guy running off some of his "energy"!


Lisa Joy said...

That's funny! Maddie actually runs around the house saying, "I need to get my energy out, Mom!" :-)

Newsletter said...

Doesn't matter if he's a wild child...with those looks and that charm, he'll get away with it and everyone will LOVE him! :)

MSB said...

I agree with Heather... he will charm everyone.
Savannah tires us out and challenges us on a regular basis... girls are called "spirited" or "independent" by other people.

David said...

not a bad sign! probably what makes me madder than anything in the world is when people drug kids with ritalin because they have a little bit of energy. good for him.

Jamie said...

What a cute conversation! We get comments about Katie all the time, along the "Wow, she must really wear you out!" lines. Tell me something I don't know. :) This means my next one is going to be way easy and laid back, right? Right?

Sarah said...

Ahh the energy is good.. I just want to make him happy! When he's mad and yelling at me I say, "wow! is that how you talk?" he responds with, "I being a monster ROAR" ha ha...He's got the cover story figured out!!

This week Leo is on vacation so I get to come alone!! should be nice and relaxing.. and fun! :)

Babyfro said...

Isn't amazing how well they communicate. I know Christopher understands soooo much. These little guys have such amazing potential.

I get the, "he's so serious," comment all the time. Not sure what would be better, energy or seriousness, haha.