Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick Visit

Cooper was once again my little travel companion over the weekend on a quick trip to the Tri-Cities. My good friend Brianna was having a baby shower on Saturday afternoon, but not wanting to make the round trip in one day, we drove up Friday night. Friday night was filled with great conversation with my sister, something we don't get to do very often, before getting to bed around 1am. Saturday morning followed with more great conversation with my friend Courtney, again something that doesn't happen very often and was long overdue!! Lunch with my sister, the shower at 2pm, a visit with my dad and stepmom, then back on the road again to get home in time for Easter. As I pulled out of town, I found myself a little sad that I don't live closer to such important people in my life. Thank goodness for phones, email, facebook, etc., to help with the distance. Cooper, as always, was a great little traveler and was quite the charmer at the baby shower!

Cooper getting ready for his 3 hour nap on the drive home, taken while I was standing in the cold and wind, filling the car with gas. Having a law against pumping your own gas in Oregon is something I definitely take for granted! :)


Lisa said...

OMG, you can't pump your own gas in Oregon?!? So someone else does it for you? How silly. And how wonderful that must be!!

Brianna said...

Thanks for being there - I'm so glad you could come! Cooper was definitely a hit at the shower, I got several comments about what a good baby he is. Oh and thanks for the shout out. :)