Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daddy's socks

This was Riley having some fun helping Daddy fold the laundry on Saturday morning, while I was out of town. Apparently, she thought it was pretty funny to put on Daddy's big socks!

I have a few other posts I'm hoping to write, but I got sick this weekend and also have a presentation, outline, and annotated bibliography to prepare for class on Tuesday, so blogging will take a back burner for now. Hope this cute photo can tide you over for a few days!

I also hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!


Lisa said...

So cute!

I hope you are feeling well soon. It's no fun being sick on a holiday weekend :(

Lisa said...

I saw a family of 4 in the grocery store line -- all wearing In & Out Burger T-Shirts. Thought of you. =)