Saturday, May 2, 2009

If I had the time...

...these are the books I would like to read:

New Moon
Breaking Dawn
(The final 3 books in the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer)
My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
The Shack by William P. Young
Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner
And many more, I'm sure...

I love to read! Not books for school, but books for pleasure. I used to read about a book a week, until I started school and had 3 kids. A couple of weeks ago, I bought Twilight on my trip. It took me a couple of weeks to get into it, but once I did, I couldn't put it down! Now, all I want to do is read... but, I still have school books to read and lots of homework and a house to keep up and 3 kids to tend to and a husband to spend time with. So, maybe my new goal will be a book a month. When I'm on the road working, I hope to make it my time to read and get started on this dream list. Rick went to Borders tonight and picked up New Moon for me, so I'm looking forward to Wednesday night and my commute to Oakland!

Are there any must-read books on your lists? I'm always looking to expand mine and would love any suggestions!


MSB said...

Every book by Jodi Picoult... she is my favorite author.

I also love Marian Keyes.

Jamie said...

Love Jodi Picoult--except that I cannot put her books down until I'm done! Definition of a page-turner! My Sister's Keeper is my fave.

Love Jennifer Weiner, too, Amy Tan, loved Memoirs of a Geisha, Jane Austen... those are pretty much my go-to books. I need to read more. Too tired, and I never thought I'd say that!

Are you on Goodreads?

Lisa Joy said...

Ditto on Jodi Picoult!! Her book "The Pact" was gripping. I've also read every book by Elizabeth Berg--love her! (I can let you borrow some if you'd like!) Just finished "The Shack"...amazing & one I'll want to read again (which is rare) because it's just too deep to fully absorb after one read! I've also always wanted to read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. I actually bought the whole series (bound into one giant book!) at Powells about 6 years ago, but have yet to get through much of it because I get too distracted by other books. :-)

David said...


i guess i'm out of the loop on jodi picoult. i see her books at the store but never read one.

i liked twilight, but i'm going to wait until the next movie to read the next book. did you like the twilight movie?

i hate to list favorite books cause i know i'll leave something out. but easily my favorite is The Catcher in the Rye. Also, I like Animal Farm a lot. Sherlock Holmes stories are awesome. Like the person above said, the Narnia stories are good too.

Maggie said...

I want to know what you think of The Shack when you get to it, which I suggest, it will really make you think about how you view God and the things that happen in life. I also just read Dr. Laura's new book about being a stay at home mom and it was great. Other than that I am reading Toddler Wise and Baby Wise!!! I am glad to not have text books to read though. Oh yeah I also just read Shepharding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp and it had some great tips and ideas/philosophies on discipline/discipleship of our children.

Lisa said...

Time Traveler's Wife, Memory Keeper's Daughter, Secret Life of Bees, Gods in Alabama....

i could go on. =)

Lisa said...

I miss reading....but there simply isn't time lately :)