Thursday, May 28, 2009

More reasons we enjoy our backyard

A new table, chairs, and umbrella to enjoy meals that Rick will cook on the grill.

A little picnic table for the kids to use- which they LOVE!

And a great view of some of "Mommy's planes" flying overhead. We live right in the landing pattern for planes landing to the west into PDX. The plane is actually way lower than it appears in the photo and I'm having fun pointing them out to the kids!


Lisa Joy said...

That's a great patio! And probably the most gigantic umbrella I've ever seen! :-) I'm longing for the day when our backyard is done so that we can enjoy it just like you guys get to...especially today when it's supposed to be mid-80's!

David said...

with your own grill, you won't need in n out!

Lisa said...

Natalie has little tykes or something picnic table and she loves that, too. We keep it inside in the winter for art but as soon as Spring comes, it goes on the deck. And we live in the North flight pattern from ATL, so we see planes all the time too! I'm glad warm weather finally made it up there!