Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tyson has a thing about running around the playroom acting like a lion, tiger, dragon, dinosaur, giant... anything he believes says, "Roar!!". On Saturday afternoon, he had Cooper cracking up with his roaring... I love baby laughs!

I also thought this photo was sweet of the kids "reading" stories before bedtime last Wednesday. This was taken just before I left for Oakland... a great memory to take with me on the road!


libbie said...

hey brooke. i just added you to my google reader, so now i will be blog stalking you on a regular basis. you have really cute kids!

Babyfro said...

Oh, that was funny. Thank you for sharing. I love baby laughs. Christopher is roaring right now as well. :-)

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Geez! Your kids are some of the cutest I've seen. I love the picture of them reading on the couch, warms my heart. :)

Lisa said...

I love it. I love the anticipation laughing on the third Roar and then it's like Cooper is trying to Roar!

They're so much fun when they're interacting and playing together!

Sweet pic of Riley and Tyson, toO!


David said...

hmmm, it says the video is not currently available.

have fun at disneyland!

i thought the twilight movie was good. and i even thought it followed the book pretty well, even though everybody else seems to think it stank compared to the book. books are usually better. but i actually did not care for the kill a mockingbird book but i did like the movie. go figure.

Lisa said...

watched it again with Natalie. Baby laughs are so contagious!

Natalie thinks that Riley and Tyson are Haley and Patrick - two kids from her class. =)