Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Early morning Riley

Like clockwork, Riley has been getting up at around 5:50am- WAY too early! So, for Mother's Day, Rick got a great clock (suggested by MSB here) to help teach Riley when it's alright for her to get up each morning. So far she understands that she's not suppose to come out until the clock turns green, but that doesn't mean she always waits... we're working on it! If the clock idea doesn't work, we may have to consider dark-out shades until the fall and late sunrises return! :)

These are a couple of cute moments I captured with my cell phone (the closest camera available) in our early morning adventures of making Cooper's bottle and preparing breakfast.

This is the stink-eye look I got when I tried to explain that she couldn't have Life cereal for breakfast because we didn't have any milk... makes me a little nervous for the teenage years when we have to say "no" to bigger things than milk and Life cereal!

And here she is working on her Rally Cap look with my jogging visor!


Babyfro said...

Haha, today I was up at about 5:50 with Chris... and he has blackout shades. Usually though it's not quite so early.

She is so darn cute and you're right, that look promises of more to come.

I may look into that clock later. Kind of a neat concept.

Alaskiana said...

The stink eye is hilarious. I'm sure my mom has a few pictures like that of me too!

Email is I really hope you can swing a Jx overnight this summer! It's already been too long since our last visit, and it may be awhile before I'm back up your way again.

David said...

that grumpy stare is hilarious.
you really don't like my easter background do you lol
i'd be happy to change it, but it's such a hassle to re-set everything.
and i love your idea about adsense funding my giveaways. i had that thought too. the only problem is, i don't think it earns that much money. maybe if everybody clicked on my ads i'd make money, but then, like i say, google would probably shut me down lol

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

How DARE you not give that adorable girl some Life cereal!!! You make the milk appear and you do it now! :)

I think I've gotten that same stink-eye look for probably the same thing.