Thursday, July 2, 2009

Burning questions

Okay, so in addition to wanting advice and tips for running/training, I have another request. I'm thinking of doing a Q & A Flight Attendant Chronicles edition in the near future and need your help. Are there any burning questions you would like answered about life and times of a stewardess? It seems to be a very facsinating job to many people (Do you work the same route?, Do you have to pay for your own hotel?, etc.), so I'd love to answer any questions about my glamorous profession! I got the idea from David, who suggested I read an article he came across about flight attendants and thought it may be fun.

So, keep the questions and running tips coming. You can post them here in the comments section or email me!


Lisa said...

What a great idea for a post!

How many flights do you cover in one day?

Have you had to deal with any unruly passengers?

Do they lose your luggage? Or do you keep yours with you?

Do you get to pick what flights or routes you want to work?

Do you get lots of free tickets? (if so you should use them for a giveaway!)

I'll see if I can come up with more :)

Lisa said...

Back to that peanut thing:
Have you ever seen anyone have an allergic reaction?
Do you have an epi pen and benadryl on the plane in case they do?

Do the stories about all the germs and other "stuff" in hotel rooms bother you?

Do you wear support hose?

Are you a member of the mile high club?

Have you witnessed someone else's induction into the mile high club?

Any celebrity sightings?


Charm said...

what are some tips for a first time flyer.

tips for flying with kids.


libbie said...

Ooooohhhh such good questions from the Lisa's! I can't wait to hear all the answers!

About Running. . .. there is a half marathon here at the end of Sept. You should come do it! I am going o attempt it. It could get ugly, but I am going to do it anyway!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I know I have some, I will come back with mine in a little bit. This is going to be good. >:))

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I also wanted to know about the validity of the mile high club.

Has anyone ever had to be detained after their flight?

Is it OK to ask for the entire can of sprite?

Are there any straight male attendants?

Will you hold a blog contest where buddy passes will be the prize?

Where was the best place you flew to?

Have you ever flown with the rapping attendant?

Do you ever wish that your uniform would revert to hot pants and go go boots?

What was the worst passenger you ever had?

I flew for the first time in 99' It was from Seattle to Orange County. They gave us a nice little box lunch half way through the flight. Who do I need to talk to to make that happen again? Cuz, no I don't want any damn peanuts! I want a sandwich like last time! Don't tell me about rising costs, I want my sandwich!....That just goes through my mind. :)

David said...

i'm going to think of questions, so don't post quite yet! and i like my sister's idea of giving away free plane tickets!

David said...

a lot of my questions have been asked already, such as, how many flights do you do in a day?

what is this mile high club that people are mentioning?

what are some of the most outrageous things that passengers have done?

what celebrities have you seen? i think you've mentioned ben stiller before.

do you ever get nervous in extreme turbulence?

when pilots talk to the cabin, why do they always sound so monotone?

how fast is a plane going when it lifts off the runway? what is peak flying speed?

do guy passengers hit on the stewardesses a lot?

do you have to go back and serve people who were asleep when you came through with the food tray?

David said...

does it bug you that everybody unfastens their seat belt before the plane makes a full stop at the gate.

are you sincere when you tell the passengers at the end of the flight that you appreciate them flying with you today?

do passengers sitting in the same row ever disagree about whether to have the window shutter up or down?

do passengers ever complain about the person in front reclining his seat too far back?

what is your favorite destination?

do you prefer short or long flights?

do you work with the same crew all the time?

do the pilots ever let you take the controls of the plane for fun? do they ever invite little kids to do so, like in Airplane?