Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marathon Training: Weeks 5 & 6

I'm a bit behind on this, so here's an update for the past 2 weeks:

Week 5:

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles along the Springwater Corridor, while pushing Riley and Tyson in the double stroller. The running itself was easy, the hard part was having to stop a few times to break up the fighting, listening to the "He/she's touching me!", and enduring almost 2 miles of Riley crying... otherwise, fun times. (4 miles- 41:39)

Wednesday: Tried another 4 miles along the Springwater Corridor while pushing the double jogging stroller, while Rick ran too pushing the single stroller. We tried a different kid combination while running: Rick pushed Riley in the single jogger and I pushed Tyson and Cooper. It was a struggle with Tyson to keep the shade down over Cooper's face, but otherwise a good run... HOT, but good. (4 miles- 41:09)

Friday: Got a chance to run in one of my favorite places- in San Diego on an overnight, along the harbor. It was so wonderful! After three runs in a row pushing a jogging stroller, running solo was a breeze. Plus, the weather was perfect for running and sun was shining, I felt like I could run forever! I did get a pretty bad sunburn, most likely from the water's reflection, but I can't wait for another opportunity to run in San Diego! (5.75 miles- 59:23)

This week, I was suppose to run 3, 4, 3, and 6 miles... I missed one day completely, but ran extra on the other days, so no big deal. The weeks total was just under 14 instead of the intended 16 and I missed one day of running.

Days missed: 1
Total miles: 13.75

Week 6:

Missed my Tuesday run, simply because the day got away from me after an afternoon meeting with our financial advisor which led straight into swimming lessons and my class from 6-10pm.

Wednesday- Ran an fairly uneventful 5 miles in a loop from our house down to the Springwater and back. (5 miles- 51:21)

Friday- I was Austin, TX and 103 degree heat, so I did my 3 mile run on the treadmill. I was feeling really healthy and rested so I really pushed myself during the run, doing my fasted mile in a long time, if ever- 8:51. (3 miles- 27:49)

Sunday- The true test of whether I'll be able to complete and live through all of this training will be the miles being added each week to the "long runs". This week was an 8 mile run. I waited until the late evening to do and the weather was a perfectly mild (maybe even a little cold), with a treat of rain. I chose to run along Sunnyside Road. I'm finding it easiest to set the mileage on my iPod, run until it says "halfway point" and then turn around and run back. Takes the guesswork out of how much further I have to go and the second half always seems to go so much quicker because I know what to expect and where to go. (8 miles- 1:26:37)

Days missed: 1
Total miles: 16


Newsletter said...

You're doing sooo great! But, I gotta ask, as I just recently got my first iPod (a classic)- HOW do you set milage? This little tool would be sooo helpful to me. Right now I'm running based on kilometer marks, then trying to average, compute it into miles and times. It's ridiculous. Do you have to have a special ipod to do this?? Thanks :) ~Heather

Erin said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am using your blog to tell me how many miles I should be running (though sometimes I switch the days). I am not running as fast as you, but at my own pace. I registered for a 10K on Aug. 1 and I am planning on doing the 1/2 marathon Gresham Jazz Run on Oct. 11. I am still hoping to keep up and maybe do a marathon. We'll see. I am curious how I will do with 10 miles this weekend, especially since I don't run as fast as you!

David said...

isn't it amazing how quickly the 18 weeks of training goes by?