Thursday, July 2, 2009

Working and running

Alright, so I lied a little in my last post about being better about posting this week. As I carried my bag to the car last night to leave for the airport, I decided the laptop was just too heavy this week and left it at home once again. I apologize to all my loyal readers who keep getting the same old boring posts from days ago- I'll have much to write about next week after the 4th of July festivities at Happy Valley Park and I have another edition of The Flight Attendant Chronicles in the works, too!

As far as running goes, I've done my last 3 runs (6, 4, and 4 miles) while pushing a jogging stroller, the 4 mile runs I pushed the DOUBLE jogging stroller! I can't explain how much I am looking forward to my run on Friday- not only because I won't be pushing any whiney kids, but because I will be running in one of my favorite cities- San Diego! I will enjoy a nice cool run along the bay of San Diego and enjoy every single minute of it! I'm only scheduled for a 3 mile run, but I'll most likely do my favorite 5 mile route down to the end of the harbor and back- I can't wait!

I'm looking for some advice and tips for this whole training process. Any training and/or race day tips out there? Favorite songs to work out to that I can add to my running playlist? Please share any tips or advice you can... I'm going to have to work really hard at not getting burned out through this adventure! Thanks!

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