Saturday, July 25, 2009

A week with Cassidy

We tried to keep the kids as busy as possible for the week Cassidy was here to visit. The girls participated in Super Summer Spectacular every evening and we filled the mornings and afternoons with trips to the zoo (but forgot the camera), Children's Museum, and lots of time in the backyard. Here are many photos of our adventures... We'll have to come up with some new stuff in a couple of weeks when she's back for 10 days!

A night at the movies...
Clean kiddos- check
"Annie"- check
Favorite blankets- check
Popcorn and milk- on the way

Cooper finally got a chance to play in the infant area of the Children's Museum... he really enjoyed himself!
Lots of time was spent in the Water Works part of the museum...
The new Playopolis area, with places to have a picnic, build things, and ride a horse... we miss the Bob the Builder exihibit!!
The kids were pretty excited to get a tent in the playroom!
Brotherly love
Outdoor fun...
Our Big Guy
Our Little Guy
Riley sporting the too-big-for-her-face sunglasses... complete with hair over the ears. She has such style, right?
SlidingThe Nemo "sprinkler" padFun at the water tableLunch in the tent


Katie said...

Love the Cassidy upclose picture!

Alaskiana said...

You are a GOOD Aunt, that's all I can say!!

As far as the boat thing, we've had a GREAT time with it this summer, but I am sure it will become much less practical once we start having kids. But in the meantime, we are definitely taking advantage of it!! And you need to take a layover in Jxn so you can come enjoy it too!!

David said...

you have a nice lawn, donald would be very impressed.

they watched annie? what a great movie. great songs!

that's a funny picture of cooper looking at himself in the mirror. he seems very pleased to see himself.