Thursday, July 23, 2009

Super Summer Spectacular!!

Our church held their version of vacation bible school, called Super Summer Spectacular last week and the theme was Crocodile Dock. Rather than holding it during the day, limiting the amount of volunteers who are able to help out, the church holds Super Summer Spectacular (SSS) in the evenings from 6-8:30pm (for preschoolers) and 6-9pm (for the older kids). Made for some late bedtimes, but also ensured a nap every afternoon- given the girls were sharing a room, this was a huge accomplishment! I'm not sure of the exact numbers for this year, but pretty similar to last year, where there were around 500 volunteers and about 1,000 children who participated in SSS- AMAZING!! We were SO impressed with how smoothly the whole process went and thankful to all the volunteers! Everything from the parking, to check-in and check-out went so well and security was number one priority- with people standing at every checking tags and making sure every child was accounted for (even the younger siblings coming in had to be stamped and accounted for while leaving).

This is the first year Riley was able to go and it happened to be the same week our niece, Cassidy, was here, so we enrolled them both- and they ended up in the same classroom! They played games outside, sang songs, made crafts, had a snack, and the last night, they had bounce houses! The girls had so much fun, I can't wait for Tyson to be able to participate next summer, too! Two of the nights, we got a babysitter for the boys and had a dinner date while the girls were gone and on Thursday night, we took the boys to the concert in the park at Happy Valley Park for a while. I'm sure we'll end up volunteering in the coming years, but we enjoyed giving the kids a break from each other and giving Riley something special she was able to go and do... I think it made her even more excited to start preschool in September!

Riley and Cassidy showing off their Crocodile Dock t-shirts and the turtles they made!
And the cheesier version...


Lisa said...

What a fun summer memory for those two to make together :)

MSB said...

My girls just went to Crocodile Dock last week, too!

We are still rocking out to the cd in the car!