Monday, June 13, 2011

33 and 13.1

June has been a big month already!!

On June 1st, I celebrated my 33rd birthday! Three is one of my two lucky numbers (13 is the other), so 33 is sure to be a fantastic year!

Rick and I celebrated a couple days early at Edgefield, playing golf, pool, and darts, and enjoying our favorite local micro brew- Ruby! We love playing the pub course at Edgefield... pitching wedge and putter only!

Us on the course!

For my actual birthday, I was scheduled to get a facial and planning on seeing a movie in the afternoon, but Riley ended up getting sick so we had a relaxing girl's day at home instead. When Rick got home from work, he let me head out for a night alone to see a movie and do some shopping on my own. I enjoyed Happy Hour at The Ram, saw Bridesmaids, and got a few new tank tops at The Loft- thanks to some gift cards and birthday money. It was a great day!

My birthday dinner...
(Healthy, right?!?)

Just 11 days after my birthday, I ran my second half marathon (my first since September of 2007), the Helvetia Half Marathon. A half marathon is 13.1 miles... which includes my other favorite number! It's named for a tavern in Hillsboro, and the race starts and ends at the Hillsboro Stadium. I've been training for the past few months, and when I was able, I would join two other awesome women for a long run on Saturday afternoons- THE only thing that kept me motivated to train! Just my luck, the week before the race I spent sick, probably battling whatever it was that Riley had, so I wasn't super confident going into the run on Saturday morning.

Despite not feeling 100%, I had a great run! My official time was 2:12:39, 4 minutes and 15 seconds faster than my previous half. And after running two full marathons (26.2 miles), this half marathon went by SO FAST! I can't wait to run another soon!

My friend Holly and I before the race, sitting in the bleachers.

And after the race!!
Holly came in over a minute ahead of me- she kicks butt!!

These are the two awesome ladies I trained with, when I could; Holly and Jeni. I seriously would NOT have done the race without their support and encouragement. :)

After the race, the Helvetia Tavern supplied some tasty burgers and Widmer Brother's supplied the beer garden! Cheers!

The rest of June consists of being spending quality time with the kids while they're home for summer break, flying two 3-day trips, and then enjoying 4 days in Las Vegas with Rick the last week of the month. I can't wait for our trip and the chance to spend time with my incredible husband!!


rebeccaln said...

Happy birthday, Brooke! And congrats on your amazing half! I am certainly up for a walking partner....

rebeccaln said...
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Maggie said...

Happy Birthday! I am so bummed I missed it! So now that you are 'less busy' does that mean you are coming to Spokane? We have beer here...just saying

David said...

happy birthday!