Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Diego: Day 1 & 2

Finally getting around to posting pictures from our Memorial Day weekend trip to San Diego...

Rick and I picked the kids up early from preschool on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and finally let them know where we were going- San Diego and Sea World!! They were just excited to be going on an airplane!

All settled on the (Southwest) airplane... in our FREE seats!!
(One of the perks of being a stewardess that we don't take advantage of often enough.)

Thank goodness for modern technology to occupy the kiddos!

After spending the morning at preschool and the afternoon and evening traveling, we had 3 very tired kids and only 2 beds in the hotel room... happy they are still small enough to all fit on one bed!

Geared up for a big day at Sea World!

We played in the Sesame Street area for a while...

Then we found some dolphins.

And had perfect timing to catch the dolphin show... and for Cooper to rest a little before it started!

The show was really entertaining!

Southwest Airlines is one of Sea World's main sponsors, so I was proud to see this!
(And thanks to Southwest and Sea World for the FREE entry for Rick and I!!)

We walked under sharks... this is Tyson's best shark impression!

Then we found ways to entertain ourselves while we waited to see One Ocean, the brand new Shamu show. We saw it on the very first day, and really enjoyed it.

Look familiar?? With a little more red on their faces... oops!

And I have to post a picture of Cooper, doing his best impression of a poorly dressed tourist!
He wet through his diaper and his original shorts were dirty, so we had to buy him new ones. We went practical with new swim trunks. Then of course there is the socks with shoes look... he was a vision!

And another night of hard sleeping!

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