Thursday, June 16, 2011

A list

33 things I'm liking, not-so-liking, and loving right now...

  1. My primarily Glee Cast-filled running playlist on my iPhone (with a little Sugarland and Carrie Underwood thrown in for good measure)
  2. So You Think You Can Dance... amazing top 20 and my favorite summer T.V.
  3. The re-usable Starbucks cup Rick got me for my birthday and how hydrated I'm staying because of its convenience
  4. Looking through the random photos the kids take with my cell phone... I'm talking hundreds
  5. Having the kids home from preschool for the summer (sleeping in & not needing to be anywhere)
  6. Bunco nights
  7. Re-reading Breaking Dawn and catching things I forgot about/missed from the first time around... Next up, The Hunger Games series, round 2
  8. Water
  9. Groupon, blogs about how to save money, and coupons I can actually use
  10. Blueberries
  11. Our peaceful backyard

  1. Having the kids home from preschool for the summer (the fighting with each other and their talking back)
  2. The cloudy, rainy weather keeping the kids from playing in the backyard (where they don't seem to fight as much)
  3. My apparent inability to stay healthy for longer than a week
  4. Not receiving RSVPs (yes or no, it's nice to know)... what happened to the good ol' days?
  5. The grunting, arm crossing, stomping, and otherwise negative interactions I've been getting from the kids a little too often lately
  6. The extra 10-15 pounds I'm carrying around
  7. Trying on clothes with above mentioned extra lbs (even the ones in my own closet)
  8. Keeping up with the laundry and housework... it's a never-ending beast
  9. My lack of patience with the kids that sets in around 4pm
  10. People who sit and wait for your parking spot... even when you've just walked up with your 3 kids and a full cart and still need to unload everything and get your kids buckled into their car seats (It's not like a trip to Target/Costco/Winco/etc. isn't stressful enough with 3 kids, right?!? I don't need the added pressure.)
  11. The fact that basketball season doesn't start again for many months... I miss my Blazer's!

  1. Cooper's word explosion and his expressive face!
  2. Watching Rick's stress melt away with the end the of school year and getting his report cards done! It's going to be great having him home all summer!
  3. Riley's goofy sense of humor and ability to make herself laugh... often
  4. Tyson's amazing brain and watching him use it to figure things out... for good, not evil.
  5. The fact that Rick and I will be packing for Vegas (and 4 days without kids) in 10 short days
  6. Running
  7. Finally finding time to blog again... I think it's theraputic for me
  8. Working for Premier and being a "Jewelry Lady"
  9. Having the kids home from preschool for the summer (spending time with them) :)
  10. Getting facials... why did I wait 32 years to get one??
  11. Myself... At least I'm trying. We're our own worst critics, aren't we?


Lisa said...

OMG, why don't people RSVP anymore. I would have that under it's own list under "hating".

Welcome back to blogging. It's slow for me (and everyone else) too.

Heidi D said...

I'm guilty of not RSVPing. Sorry. :( I will be better. I guess I don't want to be asked why I'm not coming to things. I don't know.

Hang in there with the kids. It's truly the hardest thing in the world being a parent. I feel like no matter what I do, it probably wasn't the right thing.

I started the calendar of fun because of bored fighting kids. I had an activity planned everyday. It seemed to make the summers more bearable.

And facials are so lovely! I'm turning 33 in August, maybe I'll celebrate with a facial. :)

David said...

me too, i hate when people wait for my parking place!