Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Diego: Day 3

We spent our last day in San Diego on Coronado Island, visiting the beach outside the Hotel del Coronado. Such a beautiful, historical hotel... too bad the weather wasn't beautiful, too! It felt like a cool day on the Oregon coast rather than Southern California! The kids still had a lot of fun playing in the sand, despite the clouds and wind!

Hotel del Coronado

A big smile from Miss Riley!

Tyson was in heaven, running around leaving his mark all over the beach!

Cooper was content burying his own legs, following his brother around, and trying to destroy whatever Riley was building!

Several military planes landed on the island's military airstrip... flying low RIGHT over our heads! It was pretty cool!

Rick and I trying to get a picture of ourselves... I didn't realize until downloading them how much the wind was blowing my hair in Rick's face- oops!

I like this one because my hair looks like a little mustache on him! :)

Looking at this picture, I thankful for still photos rather than video...
Here I see a beautiful setting, three amazing kids having fun and getting dirty, and I think "What an awesome vacation!!".
In reality, I remember being a total ball of stress almost the whole weekend. Often trying (without success) to get Tyson or Riley or Cooper or often times all three of the kids to listen, stand still, not climb on things, not throw sand, not fight, not whine, not run off in the middle of big crowds, etc., etc., etc. We still had fun, but I need to remember to chill out a bit more on future vacations with the kids. Or they need to learn to listen. :) (kidding)

And this was the scene on the way to the airport! So peaceful!
(And yes, Cooper's face got about 10 times more red AND blistered by the morning! We will not be forgetting sunscreen again for a while- we felt awful!!)

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