Friday, June 10, 2011

Tyson's Amazing Surprise

** This post was actually written May 17th, but I finally got around to trimming the video and getting it posted- the full video wouldn't post.**

On Saturday night, Tyson snuck out of bed and came downstairs to see Rick (I was flying). When Rick asked why he was out of bed, Tyson said he wanted to show him something... then proceeded to READ the first page and a half of the kid's Bible we have. READ!!

I wasn't there, but for Rick I think it was definitely one of those jaw-dropping, what-the-heck?? kind of parenting moments. In a good way.

Rick has been working with Riley and Tyson doing Hooked on Phonics, and we knew he could sound out some words. This was still rather amazing though! Tyson just turned 4 in February, but he has always been one to pick up on things easily. S0 just to clarify... This is not being read from memorization. This is not a book we read to him every night (or ever for that matter), he really was just reading it!

I was home Sunday morning when the kids woke up, and the very first thing Tyson wanted to show me was his new skills... check it out!!


David said...

congratulations buddy. nice reading!

Jill Hoffmaster said...

Wow! Impressive to say the least. Go Tyson!