Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catching up via blogs

Last night, Rick went to see a movie with the guys from our bible study, so I had the evening at home to myself. The kids went down easily around 7:45pm and I settled in to watch "Survivor" (which was on a day early due to March Madness games tonight) and the "American Idol" results show. I am completely spoiled with TiVo and therefore not used to having to sit through commercials and with so much extra time on my hands during the commercials, I found myself getting lost in the world of blogs- and it was a blast!

To back up a little, 3 years after graduating from high school I left the Tri-Cities to travel the country as a flight attendant and never was very good about keeping up with many people I knew in high school anyways. I was also unable to attend our KHS 10 year reunion because Rick, Riley, and I had already planned a trip to Hawaii to visit my family living there. Right around that time I got back into contact with two fellow Lions cheerleaders, Heather and Mandy, both of whom have blogs I check regularly.

So, jump forward to last night and I was passing commercial time by reading blogs. I started looking at links to other blogs and opened an entire window to the past! I was able to read updates on other former cheerleaders, girls I walked with at graduation, and other people I had gone to school with since middle school. It was fun to see familiar faces who have gone on to marry and have beautiful children. I guess I never realized how many people kept up blogs- but what a great way to stay connected with so many miles between friends and family.

I can definitely credit email as the reason I have kept in touch with so many people over the years, but I am having so much fun keeping a blog and having another way to keep up with others. As our kids grow, I'm excited to have more and more fun memories and pictures to share!


MSB said...

I love blogging... it has brought so many people back into my life!
And, kept me feeling like I know the day to day happenings of a lot of people who I used to see all the time, but now live so far from.

Familie Long said...

Believe all of us when we say we are just as happy to have you blogging as well. :)

Kathleen said...

Blogging has been a great way to stay in touch. Also myspace has allowed me to get in touch with some others from school as well. It is amazing how quickly 10 years flys by, and then we atart reminiscing. Crazy. Glad you got a chance to get updated with people from your past!