Saturday, March 8, 2008

Extra Saturday

Today felt like a free day with the family because I was suppose to be at work all day. I ended up getting sick on Thursday evening and coming home early from my trip. So, after dealing with doctor stuff yesterday, I treated myself to a movie since the kids were at daycare. Rick didn't want to see "The Other Boleyn Girl", so it worked out well and I enjoyed the movie. Although, I have to say, the history of the British family is pretty messed up!

Anyways, today started out with breakfast at Jazzy Bagels in historic downtown Gresham, where the kids had fun sharing a peanut butter bagel. Rick thought it would be fun to go to the RV show at the Expo Center so we could dream about the RV we would love to own someday! We had a couple of hours until it opened so we decided to drive around Happy Valley looking at houses for sale, just to get an idea of what is available. Rick had seen a house online last week and wanted to try and find it. When we finally did, I was instantly in love with it! It's in a cul-de-sac with a huge lot and backyard, which seem to be impossible to find these days. It's 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, and has a three car garage plus RV parking. So it's basically our dream house with parking for our dream RV or boat too! It will probably be a long time before we move, but it was the first time I actually liked one of the houses we've seen for sale.

The RV show was pretty interesting and turned out to be a fun way to spend a chilly day here in Portland. The kids both seem to enjoy it too. Tyson was confined to the stroller, but Riley loved climbing into the big RV's and sitting in the driver's seats or finding the "potties". And speaking of potty, Riley asked to use the potty last night before bed, so we took off her diaper and she actually went pee-pee!! We were SOOO excited! Right after she went, she started saying "treat, treat" because she knows she gets a few chocolate chips when she goes. I dream of the day we only have to change one set of buns in diapers, so I hope this is a step towards that dream!

We had a late lunch/early dinner and then decided to try out the Saturday night service our church started a few weeks ago. We figured with the time change tomorrow morning, rather than waking up super early for our normal service, we would just take the Sunday off. It was weird being at church on Saturday night, without really knowing anyone. We really enjoy the social aspect of church, knowing the volunteers that work with the kids in their classrooms, and other familiar faces we're used to seeing. We didn't even get to sit in our "usual" spot because the outer sides were roped off to accommodate the smaller crowd. I think we'll be back to our comfortable Sunday morning 8:30am service next week, but it was fun to try something new for a change!

After church, we were able to come home, get the kids ready for bed, put them down at a reasonable time, and now each of us have time to catch up on emails, blogs, and other computer stuff. I'm also trying to catch up on episodes of "Lost" that Rick has already watched. I truly enjoyed today and spending time with Rick and the kids doing such ordinary things. I wish I could be home every Saturday to enjoy normal family things...


Alaskiana said...

Hey! I saw the Other Boyelyn Girl yesterday too. It was good, but not nearly as good as the book. They took quite a few liberties with the movie.

Glad you got a few well deserved days of rest with the family, although I'm sorry you were sick for some of them!

The Mrs. said...

Thanks for reminding me it was daylight savings. :-)

I'm so glad you got to spend time with your family. I know I truly enjoy the days Adam is home with us. He's gone Sunday night through Friday night for work most weeks and getting to spend quality family time with him is great.