Monday, August 11, 2008


Riley and Tyson are only 1 year and 2 days apart in age- making Tyson 1 1/2 today! This little guy continues to amaze us every single day, especially with his language skills. I'm sure much of it has to do with having a chatty older sister, but we are blown away at how well he communicates with us! Riley started doing baby sign language right around a year old and although it took Tyson a little longer, he began signing and saying the words at the same time. Now, his vocabulary list is crazy... I just don't remember Riley being able to say so many things so clearly at the same time last year.

Things Tyson can sign and say: milk, please, more, eat, all done
Other words he's saying: daddy, mommy, thank you, hello, baby, bye-bye, night-night, mouse, woof-woof, bright, sorry, up, down, out, cheese, hot dog, sauce (for applesauce), lamp, bed, truck, look, bonk, uh-oh, poo-poo, eye, nose, mouth, elbow, fist, slide, plane, boat, shoe, stuck, no, and some others I can't think of right now... he can also say "there it is", which comes out as "thereis"

I hope he does as well as Riley does being a big sibling. He pats my belly sometimes and says "beebee, beebee" and gives it kisses, which I adore! He also has a smile that melts our hearts- even when he's being totally mischievous!

Some of his favorite/cute things to do lately include: climbing on anything, talking on the phone (his "heh-wow" is cute!), playing peek-a-boo, watching "Little Einsteins" and pat, pat, patting along with Leo to help Rocket fly super-fast!, going down slides, buckling himself into his seat, antagonizing Riley by taking things away from her and then running the other direction, eating pretty much anything that is put in front of him, saying "bite, bite" and covering his eyes when the sun comes in the window (I think he'll love sunglasses too!), playing in the water, talking to us in almost complete babble but with hand movements like its a pretty serious conversation, pointing out airplanes flying overhead and saying "pane, pane" (even when we're inside and he hears them outside), playing "drums" on anything, saying "cheese" whenever he sees a camera, and he gives the best hugs and kisses! He hates to have his diaper changed and his hands and face wiped after eating... of course two of the things we do several times a day!

Rick also taught the kids a "secret handshake" which includes a slide of the hand and then pounding fists and Tyson LOVES it. He'll say the words along with it, "slide... fist" and then wants to do it over and over.

As with Riley, we can't wait to see how much Tyson grows, changes, and learns in the next six months before his 2nd birthday. Just like any other parent, we feel so blessed to have our two beautiful children and can't wait to meet our newest member in less than 3 months!

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