Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why I blog...

This morning at church, our pastor mentioned he wasn't going to make it through all the Life Notes during his message, which are notes to help us follow along and fill in. He said he would try putting them on his pastor blog sometime this week- but then joked about how much he didn't like blogging and that people who blog "don't have a life"- OUCH!!

I have a life. I have an amazing life. But, it made me really think about why I blog and this is what I came up with...

*I blog so family and friends who live far away or we don't see much can keep up with our beautiful children. There just aren't enough hours in the day to call or email my family and friends about something cute or funny the kids do or vacations we take, so this is a great way to cover everything, for everyone.

*I blog because I can't seem to keep up with the baby books or begin scrapbooking our lives, so I plan on making a book out of my blog once a year to have the memories preserved forever. I found out about this great idea from Heather, who recently had her first blogging book made of their adventures living in Germany and I love the idea! I'm hoping to have the first book made in February around the first anniversary of my blogging debut and the kids' birthdays.

*I blog to vent, share, and generally organize my thoughts- which I believe helps keep me sane these days. I realize I can be a little long-winded in my blogging and that not everybody cares what I may have to say, but now that I've decided to have a book made, I don't want to forget any details of our family's adventures.

*I blog because I enjoy it. I love to read comments people leave and I love hearing from family and friends when they recently read the blog and a story or picture made them laugh. I don't do it for the comments, they are just a perk!

I also LOVE staying connected by reading other people's blogs and the funny stories, pictures, and adventures from their lives. I have been able to catch up and keep up with so many friends I haven't talked to in years, just from reading their blogs. I have also met some great new blogging friends. I find comfort in reading about the chaos other people are facing with three kids, other pregnancy stories, and the crazy things other kids say and do- it makes me feel a little more normal, I suppose.

So, blogging may seem silly to some people and it's obviously not for everyone, but I hope you all continue to enjoy reading ours as much as I will enjoy keeping it current! I only wish I had such well-documented memories from my previous two pregnancies and Riley and Tyson's first years... but, I guess those memories will have to wait until I can dust off the baby books and organize the scrapbook closet!

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Familie Long said...

You DO have a great life - and you'll be so glad you recorded it. :) I too think it's just a wonderful, easy way to keep everyone updated...keep it up! I love that you blog! :)