Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I wanted to share a photo and a couple of videos Rick was able to send me last week while on my trip. The new iPhone 3G S has the capability to take video and we have been able to capture so many cute moments having a camera so handy. I love getting a little piece of home to enjoy while I'm away!

Snack time!

Cooper getting a little bath time in... I watched this one over and over after Rick sent it!

The kids saying "Goodnight!" to me... such a treat!


Lisa said...

Can't watch now, I'm at work, will sneak them soon. But, you (Rick?) have (has) the new iPhone? I'm thinking I want one but am taking my time to decide. Josh heard they ran hot, any problems with that?

David said...

tuesday training was a mile beyond what was required? you're getting ambitious.

Diane said...

Jim and I love the videos of the kids. Cooper in the bath was so funny, learning the tactile feeling of water. Rick is such a good dad to take the time to send you these videos.........or is that how he eases the guilt of his new phone? Ha. Love, Mom