Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally- Pictures of the house!

Kitchen & Family Room

It's hard to choose a "favorite" room in our new house, but if I had to choose, the kitchen and family room would be close to the top of the list! They are so cozy and make it easy to entertain with lots of open space.

A full view of the kitchen

I love the island!

It's hard to tell because of the island, but the kitchen has 2 ovens... never thought I would love that feature as much as I do now! Cooking multiple dishes for holidays and everyday occasions have been great!
Built-in desk in the kitchen
If you look closely at the wood box on the desk, it says Portland Bottling Co.- a gift for Mother's Day that my mom found at an antique store!

The countertop

The kitchen and family room are right next to each other, I love how open it is.

And I LOVE the built-ins in the family room!

Mantle above the gas fireplace

I have my extremely talented mom and sister to thank for all of the decor'- they are wonderful!

Coming up next: Living Room, Dining Room, & Office

Also to come: Master Bedroom & Bath, Kids Rooms, Bonus/Play Room, and Others


Kathleen said...

Love it Brooke. Looks so beautiful and nice. How do you keep it that way with 3 kids?

rebeccaln said...

so jealous of the 2 ovens! and seriously, how DO you keep it so perfect with 3 kids?

Lisa said...

I'm lovin those built-ins!