Monday, May 17, 2010

A sweet moment

A little over 2 years ago, when I started this blog, Riley and Tyson had just celebrated birthdays (2 and 1, respectively), and Rick's mom Doris had passed away within 5 days of their birthday party. Unfortunately, the kids were much too young to really remember their grandma, and the day of her memorial service we found out we were pregnant with Cooper, so there aren't even any pictures of her with Cooper.

We need be better about talking to the kids about the grandparents they will never really know in person- Rick's dad Cecil passed away 15 months before Doris did, while I was pregnant with Tyson. We had a couple of pictures of them up in the old house, but haven't put any up in the new house- yet.

Rick wanted to go and visit his parents' grave site on Mother's Day and bring flowers, so he decided it would be a great time to take Riley and Tyson, too, now that they are getting older and have a better understanding about things. On the drive over, Rick told the kids where they were going and explained that they wouldn't be seeing Grandpa Cecil and Grandma Doris in person because their bodies had stopped working and they are in heaven. One of Riley's questions was: "How did Grandma Doris drive to heaven if her body stopped working?" :)

Since that day, Rick has had a couple of other great conversations about Grandma and Grandpa with Riley, and I am so thankful the kids will grow up at least hearing stories about them.

Here are a few pictures from their visit:

My favorite photo from their trip...


Lisa said...

I agree, it is so important to remember those who have gone before us and to share their stories and legacies with our children.

Such sweet photos!

Diane Wicks said...

Very important and so sweet. Rick's parents were great and obviously raised a wonderful, thoughful son.