Monday, May 31, 2010

The rest of the downstairs

Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Entry, Bathroom, & Laundry Room

The living room- as you walk in the front door, it's the view to the left.
Again, my mom and sister get all the credit for the amazing decorating. We gave them a budget and photos of the house from before we moved it, and they found some amazing things that all fit perfectly!

I love the wall color and how bright the living room is!

The view of the dining room from the living room.

Dining room

It's fun to have an actual office now!
The only difference to the office since these pictures were taken is the new desktop computer we just got. I'm so excited to have ALL our pictures and music on one computer instead of spread between two laptops!

There are more built-ins in the office.
The picture on the right in the above photo was a wedding gift to me, from Rick. It's a picture we took on our trip to Kauai- we got engaged on that lagoon! He had the photo enlarged and framed, and I love that we found the perfect place for it in this house. (It had been on the wall in the old house, but taken down to make room for the playroom storage unit.)

The office has been the perfect place for all of our framed pictures honoring Portland. Eventually we will fill the book shelves with some of our favorite books and lots of photos of our extended family!

The entryway

The view down the hall to the kitchen and family room. The door on the right is a bathroom and the little entrance on the right leads to the laundry room and out to the garage.


Laundry room

View of the stairs from the entry/front door.

And looking down from the upstairs

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Coming up next: Part of the upstairs.


Diane Wicks said...

Wow, your decorator should have her own TV show! It is a truly beautiful home.

Lisa Joy said...

Everything looks so homey...and so well put together! Did you have to scoot the kids out the door and do a mad-dash tidy-up before taking these pictures? My house only looks that clean at night after the kids are in bed! :-)

I'm also noticing a theme in every room...a palm tree obsession? :-) Is that a nod to all your great memories of Hawaii? I love all the earth colors in the house...our guest room is painted the same yellow as your living room and I love it!

You're one lucky gal to live in such a wonderful space! Thanks for sharing it with us! :-)

Lisa said...

Absolutely perfect. Wow. I am in love with every room!