Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010, featuring Daughtry

I can sum up Mother's Day weekend at the Thames house with these words:

I'm blessed.

I love quality family time.



This sweet angel made me a mother for the first time a little over 4 years ago, and I've loved her a little more everyday since then!

Riley is at an age where she finally enjoys sitting for pictures with us- the boys, not so much!

We got a couple of great shots with grandpa!
(But none with grandma, which would have been appropriate for Mother's Day!)


Mother and daughter- aren't they cute?!

Mr. Wonderful!

And our endless attempt to get a quality family picture...

This one would have been perfect if I hadn't been looking at my grandma's camera instead of our camera like the rest of the family. :)
Not bad
Good, but not good lighting
Better lighting, but a grumpy Cooper! :)

My sister, Robyn and I went to Seattle Sunday night to see Daughtry in concert- AWESOME!! Rick was nice enough to watch all 4 of the kids so we could go- he's amazing. :) Going to the concert with Robyn was a great way to end a perfect weekend filled with family and celebration!

A quick drink and bite to eat before the concert.

Enjoying an adult beverage in the beer garden before the concert.

And the Avatar versions of us! :)

These two guys are in Cavo, the opening-opening band. We missed their set, but got to see them up close and personal afterward!

It's about to begin!! Robyn was SUPER excited (I was too, but she is a super-fan!)

A couple of good shots of Chris Daughtry



Lisa said...

I'm glad that you had such a wonderful mothers day! And congrats on your graduation!

rebeccaln said...

So fun! I am sure you are zonked after the last few weeks you have had! Rest up on your trip!

Lisa said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! You look beautiful. I'm so happy for you that you've graduated and (job pending) everything is just hunky dory out there.